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We started watching the new zombie series on AMC called “The Walking Dead”  I actually found out about it from reading the following post over at TEOTWAWKI website:  http://teotwawkiblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/review-walking-dead-premiere.htmlPlease know that the series is very intense, with much blood and gore, especially the 2nd episode.  We had the kids play in another room as the show is not appropriate for children.

Now that I have covered that disclaimer, I have to admit, I actually like the show.  We had recorded the first and second episode and since our relatives missed the show, we invited them over to watch with us.

After watching the two episodes, we got to talking about what would we do if something like that happened to us, hypothetically, of course.  Everyone agreed the first thing to do would be to leave the city.  But then the discussion progressed to what would we do if some other disaster, a more real one, such as pandemic, really did happen.  Questions came up regarding what would we do as a family.  This topic then led to a discussion about being prepared for anything.   To be honest, we had never told our relatives about our prepping efforts because we did not know how they would feel about it.  Turns out, they were just as concerned about the times we live in and have already taken some steps to be more prepared.  They had not brought it up before either; they did not want us to think they were wacky.  They even have a suitcase packed with seasonal clothes for each member of the family that they keep in the trunk of their minivan.  While not a true bug out bag, it’s a good start.

Before you know it we were having a lively discussion about long term food storage and where to buy mylar bags and other supplies.  I feel relieved the “big secret” is out, as this family lives closest to us of all our relatives and I was worried how they would fare in an emergency.   It was purely unintentional, but watching “The Walking Dead” was a great way to get a conversation started on a very important, but possibly touchy subject.


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