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Just as flu season is about to start we hear about a new “drug resistant superbug” in the news today.

The bacteria were found in three patients in California, Massachusetts and Illinois; a couple of cases were reported in Canada.  All cases involved patients who got treated in India.  The article implied it was a stomach type bug, that causes diarrhea or urinary tract infections.  The bacteria were resistant to widely used antibiotics and the CDC warned that patients who may have caught the bacteria be placed in isolation.   See Fox news “UPDATE: New Drug-Resistant Superbugs Found in 3 States”  http://www.foxnews.com/health/2010/09/14/update-new-drug-resistant-superbugs-states/

I worry that this types of bacteria can easily spread as people travel by plane all over the world.   The only two recommendations found in the article were:

-Wash your hands.  The bacteria are known to spread via hand to mouth.

-Don’t take antibiotics if you don’t need it, in viral infections, as you body becomes immune to antibiotics the more often you take them.

I am not a doctor, but common sense tells me that we should all try to keep our body’s resistance strong by eating right, taking vitamins, getting enough exercise, and taking care of ourselves the first sign of any illness.  And, this is all the more reason to stock up on supplies such as flu and diarrhea medicines, food, toilet paper, water, antibacterial wipes and other commonly used items so you can avoid having to run to the store if you get sick.

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